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December 29, 2013
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Elementary AU CE: Israel by Melodic-Enigma Elementary AU CE: Israel by Melodic-Enigma

EDIT: Fixed the font size in the description. I'm really sorry about that! Idk what dA did, haha.

EDIT 2: Added her relations for people in the theater subject and a brief appearance description. I forgot to add it originally, and my internet kept re-loading so I had to re-write it many times. Sorry again ;;;

Look who procrastinated again woops

For :iconaph-elementary:'s OC contest owo

Ahaha gomen for everything vuv;;; It's late/early(?) over here in CA and I couldn't think of any other ideas for the comics, aha;;

I hope this is ok, OTL ;u;

Name: Shira Cohen
Nicknames: Shir
Subject(s): Gym & Theater

(Ahh, the reason why I put her in theater as her second subject is because many broadway stars and movie stars are Jewish, so I thought it would be cool to represent that in here :))

Personality: Shira is a "tough around the edges" type of girl. She's very strong and independent, but she's also blunt, stubborn, and sarcastic (which makes it hard for her to make new friends). Although she's a tough girl, she's anything but "emotionless". Whether you know her well or not, you can easily tell whether she's irritated or in a good mood. She's not the type of person to hide her feelings towards other people; you'll be able to tell whether she likes you or not. She has a short fuse, and often acts on emotion and impulse (rather than thought) when angry. Even so, when not angry, she's shown to be a logical thinker in certain situations. Of course, she has a soft side, which reveals that she's actually a fun person to be around if you're good friends with her. Shira loves to tease her good friends, joke around with them, and just have fun with the people she considers close enough. She has a surprising interest in theater and broadway (to the shock of some people). Shira is the type of person who doesn't give up easily; at all. This isn't only because of her stubbornness, but also because of her strong sense of hope.

Appearance: Shira has a toned, hourglass body from frequent exercising. Her face is oval shaped, with a prominent nose, hazel and almond shaped eyes, thick and slightly arched eyebrows, and bow shaped lips. She keeps her hair about shoulder to chest length, because she finds it more practical/easier to manage (considering her hair is very curly and frizzy). Her skin is olive toned and tanned.

Strengths: Shira is very fit and in shape, and quite gifted when it comes to physical activities. She's pretty good at theatrics and cooking, which also seems to shock others. She doesn't back down and she's very hopeful.

Weaknesses: Not good at making friends or working in a team of people who aren't her good friends. She's more of a lone wolf type when it comes to getting jobs done; unless the group is a select few of her good friends. Because of her stubbornness, it's hard to convince her of things other than the way she sees it. She looses her temper easily, which often leads to arguments where she swears more than half of the time and other messes.

Likes: Although she has few, she enjoys the company of her really close friends. She likes broadway hits and "classic" movies. Another thing the really likes is sunsets; for some reason, it reminds her of hope. She finds them beautiful and meaningful (very few people know about this like maybe two). Shira also likes to exercise.

Dislikes: She doesn't like working with the people in her subject that she doesn't get along with. She hates it when people do things just to get her riled up. She doesn't want to be seen as weak; at all. Although she knows of her negative traits and is still confident in herself, she dislikes it when people point out said traits. She also dislikes arrogance, which is somewhat hypocritical because she can be arrogant sometimes, too.

Talents: Physical activities and, surprisingly, theatrics. She's a pretty good cook too.

Flaws: Her stubbornness and hot head makes it hard to focus on the logic and positives in some situations. She is smart, but her temper often takes over everything else.



America/Alfred: These two are very close friends. They always stick up for each other, and they hang out often. Even when Alfred changed subjects, they still remained close and still hang out with each other

Albania/Valon: Another very close friend of Shira. They hang out a lot of the time and have each other's backs. He's the only person in the Gym subject that she considers a close friend.

Belarus/Natalya: These two have a rather neutral relationship. They disagree more often than they agree, but it's not a bad relationship.

Denmark/Mathias: Shira considers him to be a friend, and they both get along with each other well.

Egypt/Gupta: Their relationship goes back and forth a lot of the time, but lately it hasn't been so good. It's an indifferent kind of relationship.

Russia/Ivan: She considered him a friend in the past, but their relationship hasn't been going so well lately and they tend to disagree on most things.

Serbia/Zoran: Their relationship is somewhat complicated, but for the most part, their personalities clash and she gets annoyed by his arrogance.

Switzerland/Vash: Shira doesn't know him very well, and their relationship is simply neutral; nothing more nothing less.

Turkey/Sadik: Like Russia, she considered him a friend in the past, but lately they're been disagreeing on a lot of things and not getting along as well as they used to. It's more of a neutral relationship than it being indifferent or bad, though.

Vietnam/Linh: They have a cordial aquaintanceship, but Shira would like to get to know her better.


Austria/Roderich: These two have a neutral relationship, even if their personalities often clash.

England/Arthur: Their relationship is filled with a lot of ups and downs, so they share more of a neutral acquaintance-ship than anything else. Their personalities often clash as well.

France/Francis: These two were closer friends in the past than now, but they still talk and have a cordial acquaintance-ship. I imagine they'd talk about who would be a good couple and such (The reason for Shira being because of this)

Portugal/Joao: They don't know each other too well, so a neutral type of relationship would be best to describe them.

Philippines/Maricela: Shira and Maricela share a good friendship. They have each other's backs and know each other well. Shira would still like to get to know Maricela more and hang out with her more often.

South Korea/Yong Soo: Shira's friendship with him is very similar to her friendship with Maricela. She would like to become better friends with him, too.

Romania/Vasilica: Vasilica is another person Shira shares a good friendship with. You could say that they have a sibling-like friendship.

Ships: I ship America/Israel, Albania/Israel, and America/Israel/Albania. I don't mind if it's in the doujin or not, tbh. I'm in it for the storyline more than the pairings, hahaha :D

Doujinshi/AU, Philippines/Albania/Serbia OC *melonstyle

Israel OC moi

I'msotired :iconlazepoolplz:

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